It is very hard to pick samples of work which show off what can be done here at Cobham Sound Studios. We’ve done so much! From Metal to Folk, Hip Hop to Choral Society and Voice Overs to Jingles, every session is different.

Also as it’s being played on a computer it must be expected that a lot of the depth of sound can be lost in the compression from WAV to MP3, however, as most music these days is listened through a computer or Mp3 Player, then it’s important to make things sound as good as you can in this format.

So here are a few samples (with no copyright issues) that have been recorded here at Cobham Sound using various recording methods.

Covers Medley by Forty45

Excellent covers band Forty45 putting extra effort into sounding like the originals.

A bit of Bowie, Billy Idol, Simple Minds and U2.

Isolated Drums and Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Bass and recorded in the control room.

Home by Glass Temple

Anthemic Alt Rock. 

Chilli’s meets Led Zeppelin.

Recorded live with guitars, vocals and BVs added in the control room.

Classic Rock Covers Medley by APACHE ROSE

Classic Rock Covers

A bit of Oasis, Ramones, Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Nirvana, Chilli Peppers, RATM, Metallica, Sex Pistols.

All record live with vocal overdubs in the control room.

Fields And Fields by R Utting

XTC Meets Julian Cope with added weird coolness!

The Countryside comes to life with this medieval flavoured tune.

Recorded in Layers in the control room with live drum and cahon added after.

Remember by Those Thorny Devils

“We want it to sound a bit like U2, REM and Pearl Jam.” (Rock)
The drums, bass and basic guitar were recorded live in the room with both close ambient mic placement.

Mandolin & acoustic guitar were recoded using AKG C451 Matched pair.

Guitar overdubs, ebow and ‘pipes” were overdubbed through Guitar Rig.

Vocals recorded with Peluso C12 Clone through Neve 1073 Melodyned to fix pitching issues and mastered through Studer A800 for vintage tape warmth.

In Too Deep by Orchid Thieves

“Fleetwood Mac meets Trip Hop” (Rock Pop)
Isolated Drums. Close and Ambient mic placement. Bass DI’d through Neve 1073

Guitars through Guitar Rig. Midi Keys and Synths Native Instrument Acoustik Pianos and Massive.

Mastered Through Logic Pro and taken to Abbey Road for Post Mastering. No changes made.

All the Time in the World by Jack, Josh & Johnny

Two Acoustics Guitars and two voices and a great tune!

Recorded Live with 2 AKG 414 and 1 x Neumann U87

Psycho Café by Wild Horse

Taking a day off school to record as many songs as possible, then mixed “as quick as possible”.

This is the third track by Wild Horse that has reached number one in the National Reverb Nation Rock charts and Top Ten Worldwide! Expect big things from these guys.

Recorded Live in the room with Vocal Overdubbed through Neve 1073 Peluso C12 Clone

Jah War by Funkin Skunks

(Rock Reggae Dub)
The Skunks play Ska funk punk and reggae Covers from 1976 – 1980.

This great tune by the Ruts is a great “white reggae” tune but the band wanted to throw a bit of Live dub in the mix.

Recorded Live with Sax and Guitar overdubs and a good dose of reverb!

I Can’t Help You Now (Extended Mix) by Orchid Thieves

80’s glossy production of this Piano led ballad.

The Vocals sounded so lush Niall decided to fade out and back in.

Isolated Drums. Close and Ambient mic placement. Bass DI’d through Neve 1073

Guitars mic’d cab and through Guitar Rig. Native Instrument Bosendorfer Acoustik Pianos, Strings Kontact Samples.

Vocals through Studio Projects C1 Mastered Through Logic Pro and taken to Abbey Road for Post Mastering. Again, no changes made.