With modern DAW technology there are unlimited tracks for recording combined with the warmth of classic analogue gear.

At the heart of our system is an 8-Core Mac Pro with multiple solid state disks for streaming audio, running: Logic Pro, and key software from UAD, WAVES , Melodyne, Native Instrument’s Komplete and many more.

Combining the flexibility of digital recording via 2 UAD Apollo 16 x 16 with the superb warmth of our analogue Toft Audio Designs ATB 24 Mixing desk, plus Mic/line pre-amplification via vintage Neve 1073

Monitoring is by Adams, Yamaha Fostex and Bose

Beyer 150 Headphones x 8

A wealth of Microphones, from Neumann, AKG, Shure etc.

DW Collectors Series & Vintage Ludwig Drum kits with Zildjian & Sabian

Niall — thank you so much for welcoming us to your studio.

All the musicians (there were ten of us in all!), loved it and really appreciated the way you allowed us to feel so at home. Everyone was made to feel part of the family, which helped us to relax, thoroughly enjoy the experience and, most important of all give performances way above the norm. You didn’t blind us with science or talk down to us, and were totally fair on the business side.

The wooden walls give a perfect acoustic and you have more technology than we could ever have made use of. The weeks we spent in the studio were very special indeed and I missed it hugely when it was all over. The resulting album is absolutely fantastic. And that’s not just my biased opinion — others are saying it too.. When I get round to the follow-up, I’ll be heading back to Cobham. Hopefully, it won’t be too long. Many thanks again.

Peter Whitehead