The Live room is available for hire for band rehearsals.

The Live Room has been purpose-built for making music. It sounds fantastic. It has been acoustically tuned – no more struggling with feedback, the vocal head-room is huge! Every instrument sounds great!

There is plenty of space, comfortable for up to 8 musicians although we have had a lot more!

Check out the equipment page…

Rehearsal hire standard-issue vocal microphones are Shure Beta 58s on K&M Stands DW drum kit, with Zildjian K Custom and Sabian AAX Cymbals & Backline included in fees. Amps are Fender Deville, Cornford 50, Marshall JTM 45, Roland JC120 Ashdown bass rig

Monitors are Mackie thru 24 Channel Digital desk, with studio multicore.

Looking for a private hire for an extended period? Lockout sessions are available. Check out our Private Hire page…

Who would believe that in the middle of quaint Cobham there could be such a fab studio? Well, there is and both the comfortable setting of the location and friendly manner of Niall help to create a productive atmosphere to make music and to be imaginative — could you ask for more?

The structure of the buildings is also really interesting and if like me, you like warm wood buildings, then you are going to love the studio. Nothing is crummy, smelly or dirty — all the things that you grew accustomed to rehearsing in the seemliness never-ending railway and tube arches of central London fade into the distant past.

Niall’s place is a breathe of fresh air in a great setting, lovely building and top quality gear that is functional and works, does what is says on the tin. Combine that with the warm and open manner of the owner Niall and you will conclude for yourself that Cobham Sounds Studio is a winner. Thumbs up all the way!

Stephan Redtenbacher

Professional Bass Player, Music Educator & Band Leader