At Cobham Sound Studios we love to nurture talent and that talent needs to be heard.

Whether it’s a recording a song to show off talent to the BRIT School, a stage show demo, or simply a recording to give to Grandma at Christmas – we can help you.

A recording studio can be a daunting place, but we do all we can to make sure our budding stars feel comfortable in their surroundings…

Wild Horse, record at Cobham Sound and are produced by Niall.

They’ve received rave reviews, loads of radio play and have hit WORLDWIDE NUMBER ONE on Download charts Reverb Nation already !

“When you listen to Wild Horse from their very first release through their previous albums and EPs, you have watched a band go from starting out great to a band this is truly incredible. You cannot predict success in the music industry, but the band Wild Horse is well on its way to being a household name around the world.” AL YARDLY – KB RADIO CANADA – July 2nd 2020

“One of the most promising new guitar bands we’ve come across, Wild Horse just keep getting better. Their song “CAN’T!” is further proof that well, they can!” BBC Introducing – 27th May 2020

“Those WILD HORSE boys are at it again, “The Ooh Ooh Song” will be in your head for so long you’re gonna need to get a doctor’s note.” BBC Intro 22nd July

“Wild Horse are one of the most prolific bands in rock, and never going half measures on riffs. Ex-Recluse is an anthem.” BBC Introducing – 22nd September 2020 

“I played a song called “Can’t” by Wild Horse out of England! These young guys kick so much ass!! OMG! You have to hear this!! I bet you start singing along to it upon hearing it for the first time. “Can’t” really set the mood of today’s show.” Phil Dupuis of The Colorado Phil Show: June 3rd 2020 

“This Band has copyright on creativity and clever. This Album, seemingly impossible, is Wild Horse’s best work and one of my favourite Albums of all time. As I promised, this Album is: SICK SICK SICK and so much SICKER than I ever imagined.” Mary G Wood of Brecon Indie Reviews 15th July 2020

Whether solo performers, bands or choirs, we will provide a professional sounding recording for you.

We can either record to your backing tracks, or provide them for you at a small charge.

We have assisted successful applicants into, The BRIT School LIPA (Liverpool School for Performing Arts) and ACM (Academy of Music Guildford) and BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Institute, Brighton).

All ages and all abilities welcome!

Lani had just turned 9 years old and played her first festival gig at Port Eliot. On the back of that we spent some time in the studio with Niall.

Niall is such a supportive producer, suggesting some really inspired elements to Lani’s compositions that really upped her game.

All in a wonderfully relaxed setting. Cobham Sound is a hidden gem!

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